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Great concentration, attention to details and willingness to invest are what define best athletes. At Herbalife nutrition, we build on these qualities to create the first product range of sport nutrition on a daily basis : Herbalife24.
Amateur athletes or professional athletes, the Herbalife24 sport nutrition products range will provide with the product which will help you the most to achieve your goal, to train and recover, whatever your sporting level.

Customize your Herbalife24 program

Depending on your training program, your performances and your recovery needs. 

To customize your unique individual program, please visit us on herbalife24.fr *Close et al (2016). Nouvelles stratégies dans la nutrition sportive pour augmenter la performance de l’exercice. Biologie des radicaux libres et médecine; 98 (144-158). ** Best to be used as mention on packaging. *** Herbalife21 Restore contains 200mg of Vitamin C, contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system during and after an intensive physical exercise.

Quality and Security

Each batch of end products Herbalife24 is tested by an independent laboratory to guarantee they are free of unauthorized substances. 

N’hésitez pas à consulter les étiquettes des produits pour en savoir plus.

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The sport nutrition HERBALIFE24 products meet French antidoping legislation (NF V94-001 AFNOR). The AFNOR standards confirm good practices in developing and producing products free of doping substances. This French standard guarantees that the products do not contain forbidden substances listed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Choose your products among the Herbalife24 range


H24 FORMULA 1 SPORT Nutrition drink for breakfast or snacks. Balanced intake in nutrients and controlled intake in calories easy to adapt to your taste and needs.

H24 CR7 DRIVE Drink for effort in carbohydrates and electrolytes.

H24 HYDRATE Drink for daily hydration, low in calories, build on electrolytes.

H24 PROLONG Carbohydrate drink with protein intake for long and intense effort.

H24 REBUILD ENDURANCE Recovery drink specific to endurance sports.

H24 REBUILD STRENGTH Muscular recovery drink.

H24 RESTORE  Food supplements specific for the nutritional support at night.

Heather Jackson Herbalife

Discover the testimonies of HERBALIFE nutrition athletes, such as Heather Jackson, well known professional triathlete, Top 3 half ironman Chattanooga and 3 times Wildflower triathlon champion.


HERBALIFE NUTRITION, Partner of Triathlon de Gérardmer since 2006

Herbalife Nutrition support passionate triathletes, amateur or experienced, all gathered for the one and objective: going beyond their limits and sustaining this unique challenge at the heart of nature.

Back to the images of the Team Herbalife Nutrition 2019. Nearly 80 beginners triathletes, amateur or licensed, all gathered for the event, between performance and self-transcendence, with above all a lot of fun in the effort.