Wetsuit Rental

To rent a wetsuit please fill this form and send it to sales@dare2tri.com 

  1. How can you make a reservation?

Fill in the registration form and e-mail this to sales@dare2tri.com based on your height and weight, we can already make an estimation of the size, we will confirm your rental thereafter.

  1. What are the costs?

The costs to rent a wetsuit for the event only costs you Euro 40,-.  However we ask you to pay a deposit of Euro 100, -. (total Euro 140,00) The deposit will be paid back to you when you return your wetsuit. The rental costs can only be paid in cash. We do not accept cheques!

  1. Where do I pick up and return the suit?

Dare2Tri will be at the event EXPO and you can pick up your suit during expo opening hours.

  1. What happens when I lose my rental wetsuit?

Once you rent a wetsuit it’s your responsibility, neither the event organization nor Dare2Tri can take any responsibility.

  1. What if I damage the wetsuit?

We do ask you to take care of the wetsuit like it’s your own. If unfortunately damage is caused to the wetsuit, Dare2Tri will cover the cost, you won’t be held responsible.

  1. What if I want to buy the wetsuit?

You can buy a Dare2Tri wetsuit for only € 150,- please visit our booth at the expo and get information from the sales people.