Aptonia - Decathlon nutrition & Care

We believe that every sportsperson is unique. Our mission: to take your uniqueness into account and help you to live a long and healthy life. What this means to us: taking time for yourself and feeling good through good routines.

That’s why we develop accessible sports nutrition, recovery and relaxation products. Products adapted to the diversity of sportspeople: those who do sport for pleasure, for fitness or for performance, those who practice once, three or five times a week. Products that are increasingly healthy and simple. We even have a word for it: healthy 🙂

It’s all in our DNA, in the DNA of our products. We’ll tell you a bit more about it below!

All about nutrition

 First of all, discover all the secrets about nutrition in this video

Then find all the nutrition / hydration products adapted to triathletes: ICI

And here are two nutrition tips to learn more:

How to eat during a triathlon

How to eat before a triathlon



 First of all (re)discover the importance of recovering after an effort in this video :

 Then find the whole range of recovery / relaxation products adapted to triathletes: here

 And here are two recovery tips to learn more:

Recovery after sport

The right recovery reflexes after a triathlon