Posté le 7 novembre 2017| Registration

Opened on October 11th at 7am, Triathlon de Gérardmer 2018 edition has never been sold out so quickly. There will be more than 4500 athletes on the start line of the different races to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the event. More than 2000 registrations in 30′ Races for kids (TriKids et MiniTriKds) sold out

Plan B for Triathlon de Gérardmer 2017

Posté le 15 décembre 2016| Registration

Your forget to register and you were not fast enough ? Your last chance to get a slot for Triathlon de Gérardmer 2017 is to register on Plan B for € 3. On March 20th 2017, 20 slots will be alloacated for each event through random drawing among athletes registered on Plan B After this

Registration 2017

Posté le 11 octobre 2016| Registration

Register from October 12th at 10am for Triathlon de Gérardmer 2017 through the official website

Plan B for the Triathlon XL

Posté le 25 février 2016| Registration

You forgot to register ?
Like other events, you can register for a Triathlon XL B plan.

Triathlon XL 2016 sold out

Posté le 15 février 2016| Registration

Triathlon XL 2016 is officially sold out with 1660 entries. Like other  races, you'll get a chance to race through Plan B, soon launched. Stay connected.

Pan B for the Triathlon Découverte Harmonie Mutuelle

Posté le 19 novembre 2015| Registration

A month has been needed to make Triathlon Découverte Harmonie Mutuelle sold out.

Plan B

Posté le 4 novembre 2015| News

If you missed the registrations for 2016….

You need a Plan B !

Sold out

Posté le 14 octobre 2015| News | Registration

Last year it took around a week to reach the 1000 entries. For 2016 edition, this figure of 1000 registrations has been reached in 14 hours …

Record edition in view

Posté le 13 octobre 2015| News | Registration

With more than 220 entries in less than 30 minutes, the 2016 edition  looks like to be a record year.

Registration 2016

Posté le 7 octobre 2015| Registration

Quick calculation, Considering more than 1200 athletes stayed on the waiting list in 2015, Considering the first event have been sold out in less than 10 days, Considering than less than 2 months have been needed to make Triathlon Decouverte and Olympic Distance race sold out, Considering you loved the 2015 edition, How long will