Pan B for the Triathlon Découverte Harmonie Mutuelle

Posté le 19 novembre 2015| Registration

A month has been needed to make Triathlon Découverte Harmonie Mutuelle sold out.
Whatever your motivations on the start line, the goals remain the same: to have fun and to cross the finish line !
For this season 2016, the relay version of Triathlon Découverte has been cancelled to ensure more security and a better race quality for those who race individual.

You forgot to register ?
Like for Olympic Distance event, you can register for a Triathlon Découverte B plan.
Considering potential cancellations until July 2016, 20 slots will be allocated among athletes who regsiter to B plan through random drawing (this figure could be increased regarding number of cancellations til July 2016).
So, the last chance you have to grab an entry for Triathlon Découverte 2016 is to register for B plan.
The money raised through registrations for Plan B will be donated to Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine (research against cancer)

Like official registration, entries for this B plan are limited, so don’t wait and register right now for it !